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THE "HEISENBERG 2.0" 3D Brembo Brake Caliper Watch
THE "HEISENBERG 2.0" 3D Brembo Brake Caliper Watch
THE "HEISENBERG 2.0" 3D Brembo Brake Caliper Watch
THE "HEISENBERG 2.0" 3D Brembo Brake Caliper Watch

THE "HEISENBERG 2.0" 3D Brembo Brake Caliper Watch

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We have engine-ered this unique top luxury men's wrist watch with a 3D Brembo Brake for those demanding quality with a statement in style and substance. We designed it for the revhead, gearhead, motorhead, petrolhead, greasemonkey, drifter, car geek and simple car guy in mind, no matter whether you drive a naturally aspirated, turbo charged, supercharged or electric vehicle. Dominate your wrist game with braking precision TODAY!


STOP searching for that perfect watch. When you need a watch to prove that you are a car fanatic and value your time, here it is! The "HEISENBERG 2.0" with wheel rim & brake hub is a watch designed with a unique 3D Brembo Brake that stands out. It not only makes for a comfortable and stylish impression on your wrist, but is also easy to match your outfit when you're on the go. Our passion drives us towards perfection, putting in hours and hours of work to get a truly amazing and unique end product.


ACCURATE TIME KEEPINGBranded tactical watch movement makes it accuracy rate to less than 1 second per day. It will always tell you accurate time in any occasion, business, leisure or pleasure. An analog watch featuring a very precise Swiss Quartz movement.



Wrist watches for men are a perfect gift. A luxurious fashion item for his birthday, graduation, wedding, christmas or valentine’s day. It makes for a fantastic gift for any watch and car fanatic; boyfriend, husband, father, male classmate or colleague. Win the heart of your friends and family members.


100% PREMIUM QUALITY SWISS WATCHIntroducing "The Heisenberg 2.0" 3D Brembo Brake Caliper Watch. Everything about this timepiece (in its 2nd incarnation) emanates a unique watch that's designed to appeal to car enthusiasts of all ages. It's sure to turn heads!
The design was crowdsourced. The watch was crowdfunded. The result is a watch carefully crafted to meet Swiss quality and precision standards at a price that makes the big brands shake. The movement sets the standard for the rest of the components; 316L stainless steel, high grade sapphire crystals and premium band, carefully hand-curated to ensure an unparalleled presence on the wrist.
Limited production.


THE "HEISENBERG 2.0" 3D Brembo Brake Caliper Watch | WATCH FANATIC ...